indie band IndieFly performing on stage: a five piece band dressed smartly singing and playing drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano

IndieFly Setlists

Our goal as a band is to fill your dancefloor. We'll get everyone singing along, having a laugh and reminiscing. Whether it's a party, a wedding or bar entertainment, we're there to create a night to remember!

We generally offer two sets per performance, the first set being roughly 45 minutes and the second an hour. We are able to offer single 60 minute set peformances for weddings, parties etc and can extend the two-set option a little for pubs and bars. To see a few recent set lists, click here.

The Core Set

We specialise in the most dancey, anthemic, sing-along and memorable 90s and 00s indie, pop-rock and pop-punk, so that's where we start with the construction of every set. Of course, the needs of every client are slightly different so it's impossible to say here exactly what will be in the set but you can expect songs like those below to form the core set.

Clicking the speaker icons will take you to our demos page, where you'll be able to watch and/or hear a clip of that song.

We play songs by indie bands for weddings by artists like Oasis, Supergrass, Stereophonics, Pulp, Kaiser Chiefs, The 1975 and Blossoms.

To further shape the music to your tastes, we then have the option to add to the core set to create one of our "Classic Sets", "Modern Sets" or "Rock Sets". We can of course combine these too.

Classic Sets

Classic Sets take the core set and add some cracking classic rock songs, and a couple of classics you perhaps wouldn't expect to be "rocked up". We're talking songs like those below. Don't write off the oldies: these sets go down an absolute storm with party people of all ages!

Modern Sets

Modern sets are just that! We take the core set and add some more recent indie hits from the last decade. These sets generally work better for younger guestlists, but the music is infectious and you'll soon have gran up dancing too! We might add into Modern Sets songs like:

Rock Sets

You guessed it! These are our heaviest offerings. We'll drop the poppier numbers from the core set, and replace them with some rock favouries from the 60s onwards such as: